Technology Funding: Who is Making It Too Risky?

Beginning a bold conversation on technology is a lot like jumping into an empty swimming pool. It’s easier to imagine the previously warm blue waters of the great age of technological advance, than face the likelihood of where the facts are now likely to land you.  That’s because today’s technology dialogues are often taxing and pessimistic as it … [Cont'd...]

New and Improved Worldview Lenses

  Worldviews can be thought of as lenses through which we perceive and interpret our subjective experience. This "worldview contact lens" advertisement spoof … [Cont'd...]

Two Minute Introduction to Integral Leadership

The Integral Leadership Model can be expressed in several different ways representing increasing levels of complexity encompassing all of the elements of AQAL: … [Cont'd...]

My Philosophy of Life Begins with “Awake-ness”

What's my philosophy of life? Being awake, alive, and aware. This is a tricky topic to talk about in our contemporary world because the way we use language around … [Cont'd...]

Occupy Integral Interview (Part 2)

"Occupy Integral!" was originally published in the online magazine Beams & Struts by my friends Terry Patten and Marco Morelli.  In Part 1 of the interview I … [Cont'd...]